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If you haven't booked in your delicious local food packs featuring food stright from the farm or nearby Boonah, Beaudesert or Gold Coast hinterland, we suggest stopping in Beaudesert or Boonah to pick up your groceries on your way to Lillydale as the stores are about a 40 minute drive each way.

We do have farm fresh eggs and vegetables available at all times. Vegetables are seasonal so please check what is available before arrival.

We also have various ethically raised meat including grass fed Angus beef, free range lamb plus baconavailable. Contact us before arrival to order. Suggestions are below the meal pack information.

If you prefer not to bring your food with you, Lillydale is happy to provide you with meal packs, all meal packs at Lillydale must be booked one week
before arrival to ensure availability from our local suppliers.

Our new Eat Local BBQ is an excellent lunchtime activity as you sample many different foods from the local area. Our existing menu is below but is, however, subject to changes due to seasonal availability. The Eat Local BBQ meal is cooked by one of our talented staff.

Ayton Farm freerange chicken strips with homegrown salad drizzled with Lemon Myrtle olive oil.

Lillydale Angus steak burger with grilled onion and homemade tomato sauce.

Fresh scones with jam made from the Lillypilly maze.

$180 for up to four people. Additional people may be added on for $35 per person.


The meal packs are recommended for four people and you are able to cook them at your convenience.

BBQ Beef Meal Pack

4 beef sausages
4 Rib Fillet Steaks
4 Beef Rissoles
Green Salad
Sliced Onion
4 Potatoes
4 Corn
Bottle of Local Oil



BBQ Fish Meal Pack

4 Australian Fish Fillets
Lemon Wedges
Green Salad
4 Potatoes
Dinner rolls



Full Breakfast Meal Pack

Loaf of Bread
1 L Milk
1 L Juice
Seasonal Fruit
8 Eggs
500g Organic Bacon



Continental Breakfast Meal Pack

Loaf of Bread
1 L Milk
1 L Juice



The meal packs below are prepared fresh each week and then snap frozen to seal in the yumminess! Please order before arrival to ensure availability.
Each pack is a single serve and where ever possible features our farm fresh ingredients or local produce. Each pack is $15. 

Vegetarian Casserole

Fresh, local vegetable medley plus

Tomato based sauce with rice.

Vegetarian Casserole


Spaghetti Bolognese

Lillydale Angus Mince with

Fresh Bolognese sauce and spaghetti.


Angus Beef

 Salmon Pasta

Smoked salmon with

garden fresh green vegetable and

creamy sauce over fresh pasta.


 Salmon Pasta

Beef Casserole

Lillydale Angus beef with

fresh local vegetables over rice.


Angus Beef Stroganoff

Satay Chicken

Satay chicken  over a bed of fluffy jasmine rice.


Satay Chicken


Dessert Options suitable for up to 10 people or two meal times:

Chocolate Mud Cake        $40 

Pavlova $40

Cheesecake $40


Lillydale Farmstay Meat Packs

Fresh Meat available from Lillydale. Please order before arrival to avoid disappointment. You can view larger portions such as 1/4, 1/2 or full beast options at the Natural Angus Beef website.


500g Beef Mince  $10

Pack of 9 Beef Sausages  $10

Pack of 5 x 100g steak $20

Pack of 4 x 250g steak $40

Roasts 1.5kg $25

BBQ Pack - 4 x 100g steak 4 x patties,
4 x sausages $30 



500g Pork Mince $10

Pack of 9 Pork Sausages  $10

Pack of 4 Pork Chops $20

500g Bacon $10

Rolled Pork Roast $25

Pack of 4 Marinated Pork Chops $25



500g Lamb Mince  $10

Pack of 9 Lamb Sausages  $10

Pack of 6 Lamb Chops $25

Rolled Lamb Roast $30  


500g Chicken Mince $10

Pack of 9 Chicken Sausages $10

500g Chicken Breast $15

500g Diced Chicken $15



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